French Fries

Straight cut, 11 x 11 mm, 7/16”

  • Deep fryer
  • The original: French fries from best potatoes for the deep fryer
  • Maximum potato enjoyment in extra quality
  • Easy preparation, optimal portion size

For the production of the Agrarfrost products we use only the best potatoes from sustainable, German cultivation. Our products thus stand for monitored quality, pure potato taste and maximum enjoyment.

French Fries Best Choice


Preparation in the deep fryer

Fill the fryer-basket half way with deep frozen product. Deep fry for approx. 3,5 minutes with oil at 170 –175 °C until a golden yellow colour.  When preparing smaller quantities, the cooking time should be reduced.

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Product details

Article No.
  • 10517
Carton volume
  • 4 x 2,5 kg
Cartons per layer
  • 9
Layers per pallet
  • 7
Cartons per pallet
  • 63
EAN bag
  • 4003880105175
EAN carton
  • 4003880205172
EAN pallet
  • 4003880945177


Put the opened packaging immediately back into the freezer. Once defrosted do not refreeze.

* -6 °C 1 week
** -12 °C 1 month
*** -18 °C 24 months from date of manufacture

Acclaimend for humans and the environment

Certified Quality

The safety and quality of our food products is our top priority.

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