company history

Successfully on the market for over 50 years


Extensive modernization in the Aldrup and Oschersleben production plants.


Presented with the “Global Resiliency Award” and “Assured Energy Award” by McDonald’s.

Presented with the “Culinary Ambassador of Lower Saxony 2022” award.

30-year anniversary of the Oschersleben plant.

New photovoltaic system on the roof of the incoming potato facility with an output of 600,000 kWh per annum.



For a more targeted and target group-specific brand image a comprehensive food service brand relaunch was carried out.

The “Minions” by Agrarfrost win the "Bishoku Joshi Award 2021 Grand Prix" at the FOODEX exhibition in JAPAN.



On an area of 5,000 m² and with an investment volume of around 20 million euros, the plant areas for incoming potato deliveries, as well as potato sorting, washing and storage were expanded and modernized. The new building enables a doubling of available capacities and more efficient workflows.



The popular MINIONS are launched as a unique potato product.


Record: With 27.5 cm Agrarfrost holds the world record "Longest French Fries in the World", confirmed by RID (Record Institute for Germany).



Agrarfrost celebrates its 50th anniversary and at the same time receives the highest honor for the quality performance of a company from the BMEL (Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft = Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture) with the "Bundesehrenpreis für kartoffelverarbeitende Unternehmen = Federal Honor Award for Potato Processing Companies".


In January Agrarfrost becomes the first German potato processor to be certified in accordance with the ZNU sustainability standard


Complete conversion and modernisation of the frozen food loading area in Aldrup. A new office building with staff rooms is erected and the loading area is extended from 5 ramps to 7. The total floor area thus increases from 320 m² to 504 m².

Reconstruction of our bioenergy facility:

  • Shutdown of the first stage of the existing sewage treatment plant, resulting in an electricity saving of 300 kW
  • Generation of 600 kW of carbon dioxide-free electricity
  • Utilisation of 300 kW of heat and a corresponding saving in natural gas
  • Reduction of the amount of sludge in the sewage treatment plant by 80%
  • Improved purification efficiency in the sewage treatment plant

2011 - 2012

The project "Pro2020" is integrated. Pro2020's objective is to optimise our processes and resources by 2020.

Plant and equipment are modernized

2009 - 2010

In Oschersleben a pulverised lignite power plant and a new potato storage facility are built

In Aldrup a central repair shop is established


At the Aldrup plant the department for potato specialities is modernised and one of the most innovative refrigeration plants in Europe is built

Launch of the Sustainability Agenda


The brand name "Agrarfrost" becomes the company name

2001 - 2002

A brand-new deep-freeze warehouse is built in Aldrup, with 12,000 pallet storage slots

At the Oschersleben plant a second potato chips line is put into operation


Erection of a high-tech potato facility in Aldrup with a storage capacity of 25,000 tonnes. Total storage capacity increased to 225,000 tonnes

1992 - 1999

Stöver brings about a tremendous upswing in eastern Germany:

  • Construction of a new potato processing plant in Oschersleben near Magdeburg. Large quantities of French fries and potato chips have been leaving the modern production site ever since
  • Establishment of the company's own farms for seed production and potato-growing


The McDonald's restaurant chain becomes our customer


The first deliveries of frozen French fries to foreign markets. Due to the high demand and large quantities of potatoes required a new raw material warehouse is built with a capacity of up to 25,000 tonnes of potatoes


The "Agrarfrost" brand is successfully launched in the food retail sector. In terms of customers and workforce we have been growing constantly ever since


Using a small, second-hand French fries machine, Reinhold Stöver starts processing his own potato crops and producing fresh French fries