Sustainable Potato Growing

Responsibility for the environment

Everything from a single source

Within the scope of our unique, sustainable potato-growing system the entire process chain comes from a single source: from the breeding of seed potatoes, propagation, planting, growth, harvesting and storage to the manufacture of branded products. The crops ensure the livelihood of around 200 contract farmers and the company's own farms in Germany, which cultivate more than 8.000 hectares of potato-growing area.

The areas are located in the direct vicinity of our two domestic production sites in Aldrup and Oschersleben. The contract farmers are also subject to strict principles and controls and they are trained by agricultural engineers so they have internalised sustainable farming. New methods of soil and energy management, in adjusted fertilisation, in highly varied crop rotation, environment-friendly recycling and in nature and landscape management round off our uniquely extensive cultivation system, which has already been setting standards for over 50 years.

Plant propagation

For the purpose of plant propagation, Agrarfrost maintains its own propagation and conservation breeding stations on the windy coasts of the North- and the Baltic Sea. This ensures that we can use healthy, certified seedlings every day.

Conservation breeding of potato varieties takes place in test tubes and greenhouses. A new, first-class potato variety takes no less than ten years before it is ready to go into production. Only then will we be able to determine whether the new variety is a genuinely successful one. The aspects to consider are improvements in taste and in storage, processing and preparation qualities, but also environmental friendliness due to reduced fertilisation, crop protection and water requirement. After all, sustainability in cultivation also depends on the features of the plant itself.


When a perfect breed has been achieved, our contract farmers, who are professionally experienced and certified by Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practice), receive the certified seed potatoes for planting in the soil. Most of the growing areas are close to our processing factories in Aldrup (Lower Saxony) and Oschersleben (Saxony-Anhalt). Short transport distances benefit the quality of our products and also minimise the consumption of fuel and the emission of carbon dioxide.

Employment of agricultural engineers

Throughout the entire cultivation and harvesting process the contract farmers have direct contact with one of our own 30 crop consultants, who specify the measures to be implemented. All our crop consultants have a degree in agricultural engineering.

Crop rotation

We use a five-year crop rotation system. That conserves natural resources and guarantees healthy plant populations. In the winter prior to growing each area is checked to make sure it is suitable. Here too our own agricultural engineers play an active role.


Harvesting takes place from mid-July to mid-October. After harvesting, the raw product is either processed directly or stored in one of our cutting-edge potato warehouses.