Sustainability Milestones

In harmony with nature


• Completion of the noise reduction and odour elimination work in Aldrup

• Optimisation of the refrigeration plants to deliver high energy savings, greater safety and significantly reduced noise pollution

• CO² savings amounting to approx. 8,000 t CO² compared to the previous year

• Energy savings (gas and electricity) at both plants amounting to approx. 14.4% -̶ equivalent to supplying approx. 3,000 single-family households

• Completion of a new photovoltaic system with a peak output of 678 KW of renewable energy

• Stay fit through the winter with free fruit for all employees every day of the week

• Reduction of specific water consumption in Aldrup

• Reduction of breakage and spoilage in Aldrup

• Optimisation of the PEF process with associated reduction in fat intake Additional plastic savings amounting to 32 t



• Creation of flowering meadows and flowering strips around the potato fields

• Construction of insect hotels and flower seed balls at the Aldrup site

• Optimized heat recovery

• Energy savings through optimization of the PEF system

• Optimisation of sewage treatment plants



• realization of “Word Clean up day” at both facilities

• Installation of a new energy-efficient fryer and potato washing and peeling area

• Installation of a UVC system to reduce odors in Oschersleben

• Further plastic savings of 40 tons.

• Conversion to electric forklifts

• Certification ZNU in Oschersleben


• Plastic reduction of approx. 50 tons. per year

• Conversion to plastic-free boxes

• Further expansion of heat recovery in Aldrup

• Action day "climate-friendly to work"

• Sustainability projects with trainees



• “Sustainability Award" by McDonald’s Germany

• Consistent use of newly developed, unique monofilm (polyethylene - PE) and reduction of the film thickness

• Several hectares of flower meadows at the Aldrup plant to preserve the biodiversity of insects

• Publication of the 2nd sustainability report from Agrarfrost


• Awarded by "GREEN BRANDS Germany" for sustainable action


• The old combined heat and power plant in Aldrup was replaced by a new, highly efficient energy center

• The share of electricity generation is doubled


  • Certification to the ZNU sustainability standard
  • Commissioning of the new "Anaerobic wastewater treatment plant" in Aldrup
  • Implementation of heat recovery projects in Oschersleben


  • Agrarfrost is presented with the international Ecocare Award by the trade journal "Lebensmittel Praxis" for its sustainable raw material supply
  • Implementation of various heat recovery projects
  • Construction of an anaerobic wastewater treatment plant for the generation of biogas
  • "Energy Management" certification to DIN EN ISO 50001


  • RSPO membership and purchase of 100% RSPO-certified palm oil


  • Implementation of heat recovery measures in Aldrup
  • Start of a new shift model in production to generate new jobs and increase the level of energy utilisation
  • Training of sustainability managers  


  • Heat recovery study
  • Launch of the Pro 2020 project (Total Productive Management)
  • McDonald's presents Agrarfrost with the sustainability award for supporting fishery associations in the colonisation of salmon in regional waters


  • Establishment of the Energy Team Production/Engineering and appointment of an Energy Manager


  • Launch of a heat study in Aldrup, the aim being to identify heat recovery potentials and develop measures to exploit them


  • Development of a new training concept to create more jobs and apprenticeships


  • "Environmental Management" certification to DIN EN ISO 14001