Environmental and Energy Policy

The improvement of our environmental- and energy indicators

Agrarfrost is well aware of its responsibility towards environmental and climate protection. That is why we endeavour to run our company with a sustainability strategy. To achieve this sustainability strategy we commit ourselves to act according to the following principles: 


  • The environment- and energy-related performance indicators are improved on a continuous basis.
  • Environmental impacts are avoided.
  • Legal and other requirements are met as a matter of course.
  • The necessary information is made available.
  • The resources required to achieve the goals are made available.
  • Energy-efficient products and services, which help to considerably improve the performance indicators, have to take priority. Wherever we discover that further work is needed to comply with the commitments defined, we will initiate projects that will help us improve our efforts in maintaining sustainability.

All service providers and suppliers are also requested to apply a sustainability policy with regard to Agrarfrost.